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Astasia Kennels breeders of a Gold medal winner, 3 Silver medal winners, 1 Australian Sieger, 3 State Siegers,  6 State Siegerins, National, Main Breed and State Breeders Groups.

Astasia Kennels are also breeders of "Dual Champion" and "Dual Trophy" winners.

Astasia Kennels are also  breeders of over 100 Breed Surveyed  Dogs and 18 Australian Champions.

Astasia Kennels have  imported the following 'Excellent Select' German Shepherd Dogs.

Alk v Domenica (Imp. Germany) Vice Australian Sieger

Jasso vd Roten Matter (Imp. Germany)

Troy vd Noriswand (Imp. Germany) Australian Sieger






*Alk von Domenica Kkl. Ia Normal Sch. HIII H-neg Imp. Ger.                                 4th Open Dog GSD National, Reserve  Sieger AUS, State Sieger QLD.

*Jasso v. d. Roten Matter Kkl. Ia Normal  Sch. HIII H-neg Imp. Ger.                        Ex. Select AUS, State Sieger QLD

Ch. *Astasia Carson AZ                                                                                    6th Open Dog GSD National, 5th Open Dog GSD National, 4th Open Dog GSD National, Ex. Select 4 AUS,

                                                                                                                    State Sieger QLD 4 times

*Astasia Clay AZ                                                                                              9th Open Dog GSD National

*Astasia Elko AZ                                                                                              10th Open Dog GSD National, State Sieger NSW, Ex. Merit QLD

*Troy von der Noriswand a Normal Z H-neg Imp. Ger.                                           Sieger AUS, State Sieger QLD

Ch. *Astasia Heico A Z                                                                                      Ex. Select 3 AUS, Excellent Select 2 AUS, Sieger AUS, 6th Open Dog GSD National,

                                                                                                                     2nd Open Dog GSD National, State Sieger QLD 3 times

*Astasia Keeton AZ                                                                                           Reserve Sieger QLD

*Gollo v. Leinder Land a Normal ED Normal H-neg Imp. Ger.                                   7th Open Dog GSD National, Ex. Merit QLD

*Zony von Haus Gerstenberg Kkl. Ia Normal ED Normal Sch. HIII H-neg Imp. Ger       Reserve State Sieger QLD twice

Ch. *Astasia Eli AZ                                                                                            Reserve State Sieger QLD

Ch. *Astasia Boeing AZ                                                                                      8th Open Dog twice GSD National, Ex. Merit QLD

*Astasia Paca AZ (Long Stock Coat)                                                                     2nd Open Dog GSD National (Silver Medal), State Sieger QLD

Ch. *Xaro von der Plassenburg Kkl. Ia Normal ED Normal IPO2 H-neg Imp. Ger.         4th Open Dog GSD National 2015, 3rd Open Dog GSD National 2016 (Bronze medal ) State Sieger QLD,                                                                                                                        4th Open Dog GSD National 2017.





                                                                                       Ch. *Astasia Lola AZ                         5th Open Bitch GSD National

                                                                                       Ch. *Astasia Piah AZ                         State Siegerin QLD

                                                                                       Ch. *Astasia Yana AZ                        1st Open Bitch GSD National

                                                                                      *Astasia Yola AZ                               7th Open Bitch GSD National

                                                                                      *Astasia Xcess AZ                             5th Open Bitch GSD National

                                                                                      *Astasia Hedy AZ                              State Siegerin QLD

                                                                                      Ch. *Astasia Kerrie AZ                       8th Open Bitch GSD National, State Siegerin QLD

                                                                                      Ch. *Astasia Dolly AZ                        8th Open Bitch GSD National, 2nd Open Bitch GSD National

                                                                                      Ch. Astasia Enya AZ                          Ex. Select 6 AUS, 6th Open Bitch GSD National, State Siegerin QLD

                                                                                      *Astasia Ginger AZ                           Ex. Select 3 AUS, Ex. Merit QLD, State Siegerin QLD

                                                                                      *Astasia Akira AZ                             Ex. Merit QLD

                                                Ch. *Astasia Ashanti AZ                    7th Open Bitch GSD National, 8th Open Bitch GSD National, Ex. Select 4 AUS, Ex. Select 3 AUS, Reserve Siegerin AUS, Reserve Siegerin QLD,

                                                                                                    State Siegerin QLD twice.

                                               *Astasia Grayce AZ                           Ex. Merit QLD

                                               *Astasia Kya AZ                                6th Open Bitch GSD National, Ex. Merit QLD

                                               Ch.*Astasia Cinnamon AZ                   Ex. Merit QLD

                                                                                     *Astasia Tiki AZ                                9th Open Bitch GSD National, Ex. Merit QLD, Reserve Siegerin QLD

                                                                                    *Awesamshep Brandy AZ                    9th Open GSD National 2016.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 *Astasia Roxi A Z                               Ex. Merit 2016.

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