ASTASIA German Shepherds 

*Zony v Haus Gerstenberg


Zony was Sg13 Intermediate class at the 2008 German Sieger Show in 2008. Six dogs from this class have been awarded VA at the German Sieger Show.

Sg1 Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt
Sg2 Paer vom Hasenborn
Sg4 Bojan vom Pendler
Sg6 Ustinov vom Romerland
Sg18 Peik vom Holtkamper Hof
Sg20 Arex von der Wilhelmswarte

What a magnificent and historic class.



 Zony's ZW score is currently 75. (July 2012 to September 2012)

Congratulations to Zony's first progeny through the HD/ED scheme.

Aldiwhyz Airlye A Z (0,0)
Aldiwhyz Astrid A Z
Astasia Caddi A Z
*Astasia Olinna A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Astasia Paca A Z Breed Survey Class 1 First Qld LSC Sieger, 2012
Astasia Parys A (2,2) Z (0,0) Died.
*Astasia Roma A (5,5) Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Astasia Tiki A (1,1) Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Astasia Voigt A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Astasia Yoko A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Astasia Willow A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Awesamshep Anna A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
Awesamshep Alf A Z (0,0)
Awesamshep Aristotle A Z
*Awesamshep Brandy A (2,4) Z(0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Castarstar Acacia A (3,1) Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1 Qld Intermediate Siegerin 2012
*Castastar Alexi A (2,3) Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1 Qld. Reserve Intermediate Siegerin 2012, Qld Minor Siegerin 2011
*Debbar Varuni A (1,1) Z Breed Survey Class 1 Qld Reserve Junior Siegerin 2012
*Debbar Viva A (2,1) Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Debbar Volvo A (2,1) Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1 Qld Junior Siegerin 2012
Flicona Sunshine A Z
*Hausosin Livin In Sin A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1 W.A. Intermediate Siegerin 2012
*Lawine Jerome A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
  *Lawine Mystic Charm A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
Lawine Mystique A Z
Lawine Passadena A Z (0,0)
*Stobar Hexanna A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
Sundaneka Dark Diamond A Z (0,0)
*Sundaneka Don Juan A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1
*Vonehrlich Faust A Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1 Qld Intermediate Sieger 2012, Qld Minor Sieger 2011
Vonehrlich Freya A Z (0,0)

*Vonehrlich Fina A (2,2) Z (0,0) Breed Survey Class 1

If you wish to improve:

colour on the head and masking
eye colour


view from the front
length of foreleg
firmness of joints (elbows and hocks)
the number of entire males in a litter

consider using Zony.


  Zony's mother produced:


  *Arex von Haus Gerstenberg a Normal ED Normal Sch. HIII ZW79 V38 at the 2010 Sieger Show.

 Cimba von Haus Gerstenberg a Normal ED Normal ZW82 SG94  at the 2010 Sieger Show.

*Ayla von Haus Gerstenberg Sch. HII a Fast Normal ED Normal ZW88 SG39 at the 2009 Sieger Show.

*Aika von Haus Gerstenberg Sch. HI a Normal ED Normal ZW 79 SG79 at the 2009 Sieger Show.


Zony's sister *Zita von Haus Gerstenberg Sch. HIII a ED produced:

 LSC. Elli vom Haus Dierich ZW91 Sg1 at the 2011 Seiger Show

Eric vom Haus Dierich a Normal ED Normal ZW82 Sg64 at the 2100 Sieger Show



 Translation of Körschein for Zony v Haus Gerstenberg.

Registration Number     SZ 2189437

Breed Surveyed for Year 2009-2010

Breed Survey Class 1.                                                  SchH111 BH AD

Date of Birth     29.09.2006                                          Tattoo Number C-K 2448


Sire:                *Sony vd Neudenauer Holzsteige SZ 2140690 SchH111 ‘a’ ED (Gmy)

Grand Sire:                   *Ando v Altenberger Land SZ 2070626 SchH111 ‘a’

Grand Dam:                  *Yana v Schloss Rosenfels SZ 2086309 SchH1 ‘a’


Dam;               *Daulokke’s Yaffa SZ 2115578 SchH 111 ‘a’ ED (Gmy)

Grand Dam:                  *Apso v Lechtal SZ 2001855 SchH 111 ‘a’

                                    *Daulokke’s Yuppie DKK 02471/97 SchH 1 ‘a’


Breeder:           Herr Friedrich Gerstenberg, Kirchvordener Str, 20 31228 Piene Germany

Owner:             Herr Dirk Trabhardt Ahltener Str 16, 31275 Lehrte Germany


Linebreeding: Karly Noriswand (4-3) Visum Arminius (5-4) Jeck Noricum (5-5,5)


Section One; General Information:

a)         Height at Withers: 65.0/65.0/65.0/65.0cms.

b)         Depth of Chest 29.0cm

c)         Chest Circumference 83.0cm

d)         Weight 38.0kg

e)         Pigmentation strong

f)          Coat normal

g)         Testicles strong, well developed.


Section Two: Description of the General Appearance and Constitution , size, structure, angulations and movement, firmness of back and joints, character and temperament.

a)         General Description

A large, substantial medium strong, dry and firm dog of very good type and expression. Good top and underline, slightly stretched proportions. Very good head. High wither, good length and lay of the croup, very good angulation of the fore and hindquarter. Balanced chest proportions. Stands correct in front with correct sequence of steps. Shows ground covering fleeting gait with strong hindquarter drive and free forehand reach. Temperament and character firm. TSB pronounced. Releases.


HD result          ‘a’ normal

ED result          ED Normal

Colour & Markings      Black with tan markings.


Section V. Particular Virtues and Faults

A typical and expressive, dry and firm dog of correct anatomical construction.


Section VI Recommendations for a Breeding Partner

Suitable for the improvement of firmness, pigmentation, overall construction and movement.


Breed Surveyor Herr Hans-Jurgen Begier                     Breed Survey Number 20081711

Date: 23rd to 24th May 2008




Character:                    firm, natural, lively

Watchfulness:               alert.

Conditions of nerves:    firm

Confidence:                  self assured

Reaction to gun test:      self assured




Sex Characteristics:      pronounced,


Proportions:                  very good length of body, substantial


Bones:                          medium strong, dry


Muscular Development: well-developed, dry,


Constitution:                 medium strong, dry,


View from the Front:     straight


Firmness in Stance:       Front: firm      Rear: firm


Feet:                             very good front and rear


Toenails:                       dark


Hock Joints:                 firm


Pasterns:                       firm


Elbows:                        sl loose


Head:                           strong


Upper Jaw:                   strong,


Lower Jaw:                  strong,


Expression:                   lively, noble,


Eyes:                           dark


Back:                           firm


Croup:                          normal length and lay of croup, (very good)


Gait:                             moves correct front and rear,


                        Drive:   powerful

                        Reach:  far-reaching


Dentition:                      healthy, strong, without gaps, scissor bite,







Zony von Haus Gerstenberg Kkl. I Sch. HIII a Normal ED Normal.


Zony's critique from the SV Sieger-show 2009.  Working dog class. Judge Herr Reinhardt Meyer:

V 26.

Large, strong and substantial, very expressive male with a strongly expressive, powerful, very well shaped head.  High wither, straight back, long well angled croup, very good hind angulation with firm hocks, very good forehand angulation with balanced brisket development. The front is correct. Moving soundly in front and behind he demonstrates a wide outreaching gait which could be shown with rather more dynamism.



Großer, kräftiger und gehaltvoller, sehr ausdrucksvoller Rüde, mit einem ausdruckstarken, kräftigen, sehr gut geformtem Kopf. Hoher Widerrist, gerader Rücken, lange, gut gelagerte Kruppe. Sehr gute Hinterhandwinkelung mit festen Sprunggelenken. Sehr gute Vorhandwinkelung mit ausgeglichener Brustbildung, die Front ist korrekt. Hinten und vorn gerade tretend zeigt er ausgreifende Gänge, die etwas dynamischer vorgetragen werden sollten



Zony’s critique from the SV Sieger Show 2008, 18 months - 2 years.

Six dogs from this class have received the highest grading in Germany. VA.


SG 13.

Big, very strong and substantial, dry and firm, typical and strongly expressive, powerful masculine head with very good pigmentation and mask. High wither, firm straight back, normal length and angle of croup, very good fore and hind angulation. Very well developed brisket area with long underline, clean front. Correct moving in front and sightly close behind, well set-in elbows, firm hocks. Even wide outreaching gait. With free front reach and effective hindthrust, firm back.




Zony, SG 13 at the 2008 Sieger Show.
Zony, V26 at the 2009 Sieger Show.
Zony at 2009 Sieger Show
Zony's head. Dark eyes, dark masking and beautiful ear set.
Zony in the snow in Germany, late 2010
Zony's father.
Zony's mother
*Aika von Haus Gerstenberg Sch. HI A Normal ED Normal(Zony's half sister-same mother.)
*Ayla von Haus Gerstenberg Sch. HII a fast-normal ED Normal(Zony's half sister-same mother.)
*Arek von Haus Gerstenberg Sch. HII a Normal ED Normal V38 Sieger Show 2010 (Zony's half brother-same mother.)
Eric von Haus Dierich
Sire: Renzo vom Holtkmper See
Dam: Zita von Haus Gerstenberg (sister to Zony)
Fiene von Haus Gerstenberg
Sire: Chacco v. d. Freiheit Westerholt
Dam: Zita von Haus Gerstenberg (sister to Zony)
Kenig von Gullwing. Zony son. born: 8.12.2009.
Karolina von Gullwing
Kameron v. Gullwing. Zony son born 8.12.2009.
Fea Holtkamper See
Kimberli von Gullwing. Zony daughter. Born: 8.12.2009.
Kenzo von Gullwing. Zony son. Born: 8.12.2009.
Junior Ch. Russia Kimberli v. Gullwing
Ambra vom Reeshoop. Zony daughter.
Diegos von Rapicar a Normal ED Normal SG61 2010 Sieger Show. Zony son - born 4.4.2009.
Beta Hojsova a Normal BH. Zony daughter born 20.2.2009
Lawine male bred by Denise Smith. ( about 8 weeks old.)
Lawine Jerome. Zony son- 10 weeks.
Lawine Mysterious Ways. Zony daughter- 10 weeks.
Lawine Mystic Charm A Z 12.2010 4.5 months
Lawine Mystic Charm 12.2010 Head shot
Lawine Jerome relaxing 12.2010
Lawine Jerome. Call name "Zac" taken 12.2010
Lawine Mystique. Call name "Elle" taken 12.2010.
Awesamshep Anna. Photo taken at 3.5 months.
Awesamshep Anna 26.02.2011. age 7.5 months.
Vonehrlich Elan taken 22.01.2011 6 months
Vonehrlich Enya Photo taken 22.01.2011 6 months
Astasia Parys A Z Photo taken 22.01.2011 6 months.
Astasia Peri Photo taken 22.01.2011 6 months.
Fremont Chuck Bass Born 26.08.2010.
Astasia Quana. Photo taken 29.04.2011. 5th BPB GSD National.
Astasia Qondo. Photo taken 29.04.2011. 4th BPD GSD National.
Astasia Olinna A,Z 3PB GSD National 4.2011.
Astasia Olinna A,Z PB3 GSD National 4.2011
Stobar Hexana A,Z 4th PB GSD National 4.2011.
Astasia Tiki. Born 18.01.2011. Photo taken 9.07.2011.
Vonehrlich Faust Born 30.01.2011. Photo taken 9.07.2011
Astasia Rebell (Sabre) Reporting for duty.
Astasia Rebell.
Enjoying his first birthday.
Astasia Rebell.
Celebrating Christmas with family.
*Hausosin Livin In Sin A Z (15.04.2012)
Awesamshep Aristotle. Born 29.07.2010. Photo taken at 4 months
Awesamshep Aristotle A Z 5.5.2012
*Astasia Willow, 18 months
*Vonerhlich Fina A Z, almost 2.
*Vonerhlich Faust A Z, 18 months.
*Vonerhlich Freya A Z, 18 months.
*Astasia Tiki A Z, 18 months.
*Castarstar Acacia A Z
*Castarstar Alexi A Z


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